kmon 0.2 by the KMon Team

download 0.3 for KDE 3.1
download 0.2c for KDE3+recent automake (eg KDE3.1)
download 0.2 for KDE3
download 0.2 for KDE2
download 0.1


Kmon is a KDE service monitor. It allows you to monitor a number of services, and receive warnings when services go online or offline. It is usefull if you administer a few servers, and you want to be notified when something goes wrong or when you made a configuration error.

Technically, Kmon is a kde frontend to the monitors included with the mon package (you don't need mon to make kmon work). The monitors provided with mon monitor various services from ftp over ping to mysql.

It is easy to create your own monitor, if you know shell/perl/whatever scripting. You just have to make a program that takes some optional options, and exits with exit status 0 on success and 1 on failure. Support for features the mon monitors provide (like scanning multiple hosts at a time and giving failure summary on failure) is planned.

A dummy monitor shell script looks like this:


if <network_command> $1; then
   #the command succeeded
   exit 0
   #the command failed
   echo $1
   echo "summary blabla bla"
   exit 1

I put some monitors of the 'mon' package in the tarball of kmon, so you can try out kmon without downloading additional software. the monitors get installed in $kde_datadir/kmon/mon.d/ so they don't overwrite mon's monitors when you already installed mon. (its easy to change the monitors-path in the settings-dialog too)

Monitors included:

  1. ping.monitor
  2. dns.monitor
  3. ftp.monitor
  4. http.monitor
  5. imap.monitor
  6. pop3.monitor
  7. stmp.monitor
  8. telnet.monitor

Some screenshots:

  1. The main window and the system tray icon
  2. The log view
  3. The configuration dialog, general
  4. The configuration dialog, services

You can reach us via email